just-white-girl-things asked: Hey, I went from PA to CA for school too :D

No way!!! That’s awesome! Glad to meet a fellow transplant. :)

Anonymous asked: How do you like California??? I might move from PA to Ca as well...

It’s soo different than PA. But in a good way! I moved to the bay area, so it’s pretty much always between 50-70 degrees outside. It’s so much more diverse than most of Pennsylvania. I miss a lot of things from back home, but I’m really glad I did it!

Hey guys! 

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting anything in the past few months. I’ve moved to California for school and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post anything. So I’d like to share with you a list of things I miss about PA:

  • Sheetz (specifically the fries and milkshakes)
  • Snow
  • Shoo fly pie
  • Teaberry ice cream (legit impossible to find here in Cali)
  • Turkey Hill coffee
  • My friends and family

And some things I don’t miss:

  • Jersey/Maryland drivers
  • Getting stuck behind farm equipment on the roads
  • Driving in bad weather (I don’t have a car here and the weather’s never bad anyways)

So basically I miss the food and the weather but not the driving.

Keep it real, PA. I’ll get to this more over Christmas break! :)

caastawaay asked: NEPA love <3 :)

<3 <3 <3

lextrospect asked: Chambersburg hereee, If you've been there or heard of it I'm genuinely shocked, lol.

I have heard of it, actually! My friend’s boyfriend’s from there. :) But I’ve never been. Haha.

cranialdetritus asked: Well, yeah, of *course* they're potatAHs! I don't understand why everyone else where you live's always pronouncing it wrong!

Thank you!!!! I’m glad someone understands!! :D

ahmerde asked: Middle of nowhere is where I'm from... I live in the smackdab of PA. Centre county... But going to school in Philly. I miss my hicktown... Everyone here is from Jersey and doesn't know what I'm talking about when I say "yinz".

That’s so sad! My friends make fun of me for my accent as well…apparently they’re “potatOHs” and not “potatAHs”…

geeky-bird asked: I'm from a little town outside Altoona in Blair County, but I'm going to college in Pittsburgh. This blog makes me miss being in the middle of nowhere.

Aww I’m glad! I’m from the middle of nowhere, myself. :)

elk-moon asked: Ahhh! This is the best blog on Tumblr! I love Pennsylvania. :D

Thank you!! I do too. :D